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Pure White Shutter & Shade in Hilton Bedroom

We recently completed an installation of our fantastic Shutter & Shade product in a young lad’s bedroom in Hilton, just outside of Derby. The village is currently undergoing extensive developments although our customer’s property was a little bit older. Hilton happens to be where we are based too!

At the couple’s free survey, they told us that they were looking for a solution for their son’s bedroom as they wanted a nice dark room to help with sleeping. As his desk always caught the late afternoon / evening sun, it made doing homework tricky, and so they also requested the split tilt to be able to control the light more effectively.

Shuttercraft Derbyshire – Shutter & Shade

A quick video demonstrating our Shutter & Shade product. Perfect for bedrooms, nursery's, cinema rooms and for light sleepers or people who work shift patterns.To find out more please visit – https://www.shuttercraft-derbyshire.co.uk/style/shutter-and-shade/Please get in touch if you would like a free survey or more information on either 01332 561620 or https://www.shuttercraft-derbyshire.co.uk/book-an-appointm…/ We always appreciate a like or follow our page for more updates.

Posted by Shuttercraft Derbyshire on Friday, 16 March 2018


Chatting with the couple and getting a good understanding of what was needed, the Shutter & Shade range seemed like the best solution. A room darkening blind sits in its own channel behind the shutter panels, meaning that a full height frame was needed, with a Left-Right configuration.

Pure White Shutter Shade for Fergus in Hilton BedroomThe Antigua range was chosen for the shutters, offering a smooth finish which is perfect for interiors, in Pure White, being one of the most popular choices of colour. Completing the look and feel, the hinges and magnets were also chosen to be Pure White, matching the colour of the window shutters. The blind insert was chosen to be Steel Grey, based on personal preference, and providing the much-needed room darkening effect when closed.

Providing the light control, a silent tilt mechanism was included on 63mm louvres, with a split tilt providing more light control to help the young lad concentrate on his homework – especially during the sunnier summer months. Which we’re sure he will be pleased about!

This install was carried out as one of several in the home, with a full height install in the living room bay, with mid-rails set to match the transoms of the window itself.

We asked if we could quickly take a video to show how Shutter & Shade worked, that we then uploaded with no objections. We even sent it to the client first for approval before sharing on social media. They were very happy with the end result in terms of design, as well as the darkness provided by the Shutter & Shade product itself.

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Shutter installation choices:

  • Colour: Pure White
  • Style: Full height (LR)
  • Material: Antigua
  • Features: Silent Tilt with Split Tilt Operation / Integrated Room Darkening Blind
  • Louvres: 63mm
  • Location: South Derbyshire

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