6 Panel Bay Window Shutters in Derby

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6 Panel Bay Window Shutters in Derby

Shutters for 6-Sided Bay Window in Derby

We recently completed a shutter installation for one of our customers in Derby. Mrs Watson had a newly redecorated bedroom with a 6-sided bay window, and was considering shutters for the finishing touch. She had heard about Shuttercraft Derbyshire from her next-door neighbour, who recommended us after we installed shutters for a slightly smaller 5-sided bay window.

Window Coverings for Bay Windows in DerbyAfter meeting up with Mrs Watson to survey her window, discussing design, colours and materials on the first occasion, we were called back for a second visit. Her partner wanted to check the more technical side of the installation, and it also gave us an opportunity to conduct a check measure at the same time.

They wanted a Left-Right Left-Right Left-Right panel configuration, as it suited their needs in terms of being able to open the windows, as well as being a well-balanced design. Although not a requirement, we discussed adding a mid-rail to align with the current window features, adding an extra degree of light control.

Lots of discussion was needed with the couple about the installation itself, as the window sill was not level, presenting issues in terms of finishing the shutters neatly. We talked at length about our approach to finishing off the shutters, making sure that the challenges presented by the window did not spoil the overall look of the final product.

Choosing the Antigua material, Mrs Watson selected the Pure White painted finish, with matching white hardware providing the more modern style she was trying to achieve. The silent tilt option was chosen for the louvre operation, removing the need for a visible tilt rod, also helping to achieve a clean and uncluttered look for her bedroom. For the louvres themselves, 63mm was chosen, providing her with the right balance between light control and privacy.

Bay Window Shutters with 6 Panels in Derbyshire

Premium shutters for bay windows fitted throughout Derby based on your requirements

We kept in full communication throughout the lead time, keeping the couple in the loop regarding expected delivery dates. After agreeing an installation date was confirmed with Mrs Watson and her partner, the shutters took half a day to install.

She told us that she was delighted with the finished look, and we are sure that she will be happy with them for years to come! Give us a call on 01332 561620 to book your own free survey and see the difference that shutters could make in your home.

Shutter installation choices:

  • Colour: Pure white
  • Style: Full height
  • Material: Antigua
  • Features: White hardware / Silent Tilt
  • Louvre size: 63mm
  • Location: Derby

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